Welcome to another great year of making art!

My name is Katy Tharaldson. I’m the art teacher at Hale Elementary in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The goal of this blog is to provide families a way to see what their students are learning about in art class. I hope to provide photos of student work, brief descriptions of projects, and names of images we looked at during class. I am new to blogging (2014) so I am sure that this blog will grow and change as needs become apparent! For now, I hope you enjoy seeing the beautiful student work and record of our learning.

Art making can be a messy process- sometimes it is spontaneous and messy. Sometimes it is elusive. Sometimes it is well planned and well executed. Sometimes it is well planned and poorly executed. Not every process leads to a product- and not every product has a clear, concise process!  My goal as a teacher is to provide experiences for your children in a variety of media and art forms. I want students to solve problems, think creatively, collaborate, cooperate and take chances. I would like them to be able to look at the world and know that there are many lenses, many solutions, many possibilities. Most of all, I would like students to engage with their ideas and create with their hands with a smile in their hearts.

To see projects from just your student’s grade, either click on the grade in the top menu,  or click on the grade you would like to see listed below:

Please feel free to leave comments on the blog, or ask questions. And you can still always reach me at school or by email:  katy.tharaldson@mpls.k12.mn.us



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